1. Are Heirloom Culinary Shears dish-washer safe?

Answer: Yes, they are dish-washer safe.

2. Why are the blades don't seem to cut?

Answer: Heirloom Culinary Shears' blades are uniquely designed to perform heavy-duty cutting  and more. Thus, the upper  serrated part  (Area 2) is made  to cut and trim food and materials such as paper, cardboard,chicken skin, plastic etc. While the  bone notch (Area 2) is structured to crush and cut bird or chicken bones and other rounded food and materials. Please be guided accordingly by the visual guideline below.

If you still have other concern or issue about the performance of your shears, please send us a message here: http://heirloomculinary.com/contact-us/

Heirloom Culinary Shears 

3. What is the size of the shears?

Answer: 11.6 x 4.1 x 1.1 inches. It's estimated weight is 12.8 ounces.

4. Are they good for left-handed?

Answer: Certainly! Scissors with loop handles can be uncomfortable at times depending on the size your fingers. Most left-handed customers opt to buying a specialized scissors for their needs but not with our Heirloom Culinary shears! We talked to some of these customers and they shared how they are satisfied and comfortable.  Some of them left great reviews on Amazon😉

5. How can this scissors help people with arthritis or weak hand grip?

Answer: Our multi-purpose scissors have  durable spring-loaded handle that automatically opens the blades (like a spring) every cut. This process minimizes  hand pressure providing maximum control and better grip compared to ordinary scissors.

6. Are these shears too big for someone with small hands?

Answer: The answer is subjective. We've talked to customers who have small hands and they are proud and satisfied with the design and performance of the scissors. With an estimated length of 10 inches that weighs around 12.8 ounces, for some customers the size is just right for heavy-duty cutting and provides more leverage. 

7. Can the blades be taken apart like other shears?

Answer: No, unless you use a wrench for the bolt  which we don't suggest that you do. Majority of our customers don't struggle with washing and cleaning them even after cutting raw meat. You may use soap and water. Some use gentle brushes to further clean the pivot area.

Make sure to rinse them thoroughly and wipe them dry after washing them with soap or other cleansing solution as traces of chemicals may also stain or damage the metal of the shears. 

The Best Kitchen Scissors Inspired By Flying

Heirloom Culinary, a kitchenware business based in Rushford, NY, which is famous for its multipurpose kitchen shears, has revealed that those kitchen scissors were actually designed by company co-founder Jack Liquori. Liguori, who is a retired pilot, has explained that his experience in flying had inspired him to develop the best products for the kitchen.

Jack Liguori says: "I am a retired pilot. When I retired, I wanted to continue to fly and I purchased a sports plane. Flying is in my blood and I can't live without it. Interestingly, it was flying that encouraged me to design the best kitchen products, including our highly popular kitchen shears."

Since their release, the scissors have won top rating from customers. This was the result of the quality and strength of the shears themselves, as well as their packaging. Both have been inspired by Liguori's love of flying.

For Liguori, the link between his kitchen shears and flying is very clear. When flying a plane, it is vital to have a tool that is able to handle all the different materials in a craft. A pilot may, for instance, get trapped in belts or other wires. A plane could break and need quick repairs. In fact, it is even possible for a pilot to find himself stranded somewhere, in which case he will need something for hunting and preparing food.

"A good quality, multipurpose cutting tool is vital in the belongings of any pilot," adds Jack Liguori. "I feel I have done that justice in the kitchen shears. I have also paid homage to pilots in the packaging of the product, which can in a silver satin lining box, or in a beige burlap box. Any pilot is familiar with burlap, which quite literally surrounds us wherever we go."

The shears have been found to be so strong that they can cut through many different materials, including cardboard wrapped in plastic. When using the shears, it feels like using something that can handle any eventuality, not just in the kitchen but in other parts of the home as well. Those who need more information can find more details here in terms of what the shears look like and what they can do.

Source: https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/3890-the-best-kitchen-scissors-inspired-by-flying

Heirloom Culinary Scissors!

heirloom Culinary Kitchen Scissors Cutting Dressing Bottle

The Heirloom Culinary Kitchen scissors is finally launched. The quality of this tool is what sets it apart from the rest. It is strong, heavy duty and its handles will never come apart.

heirloom culinary kitchen scissors in quality case

(Learn more from this press release from http://www.mygtn.tv/story/26573356/the-launch-of-a-unique-heavy-duty-kitchen-scissors-stirs-the-market )

The Launch of a Unique Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors Stirs The Market

Jack Liguori, the designer of these new kitchen scissors says: “We combined practical thinking to fill a need with state-of-the-art technology to produce durable heavy duty tool which has heretofore been missing in the market.” An excellent addition to kitchen arsenal… or an ideal gift.

It’s not like any of those generic Kitchen Scissors often found at online stores. Ones with pretty looks but little to show in terms of actual performance when used to tackle those tough jobs one might run into around the kitchen or yard.” says Jack.

Based on the description of what this tool can do, it’s like owning an-all-in-one kitchen ‘gizmo’. It can be used to easily cut through tough jobs, like chicken bones,meat, herbs, tough plastic packaging, thick boxes, carrots, celery and more … and even sheet metal! One can even prune the garden with it without fear that the scissors will flex or fall apart.

After years of research Jack has finally produced what many manufacturers have previously been unable to accomplish;an ultra-tough kitchen cutlery… with an ergonomic design…and a rare lifetime guarantee.

“We produced these scissors because we saw the need for a durable heavy duty kitchen ware of this type” Jack explains when asked why they designed it. “This is the first in the series of strong and durable culinary we shall be releasing in the coming months.”

Until now, buyers have had to make do with other products available in the market which cannot stand up to the heavy duty kitchen duties they are often advertised to be able to accomplish.

Handles breaking and blades coming apart during cutting has been common occurrence with many kitchen scissors. Solving those problems was Jack’s motivation in designing the heirloom culinary kitchen scissors.

The scissors are already causing a stir in the market place and are expected to hit record sales on Amazon in the coming months.

They are truly a game changer as people are now discovering a product which can stand the test of time.

Jack is so confident in the quality and durability of his product that he is giving out an attractive … and rare…lifetime guarantee … previously unheard of in the industry.

This shows that it surely is a great tool worth having a look.